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How I Buy Stuff
(AKA What I Do For a Living)

Right now my primary source of income is generated from sales from the JupiterHeating.com web site. We sell boilers, water heaters, infloor radiant heating systems, pumps, etc. Most of our sales are in the USA; but we have shipped large orders to places such as Australia, and also to the army in Iraq.

I also have a totally different kind of site that sells some Christian gifts at PrimeFurnishings.com. I'd like to expand that site someday, when I get more time.

I still do a little bit of web design (other than for my own web sites), and I do offer web hosting services. One of the bigger clients of mine can be found here. I designed this site a few years ago, and we still host it. This isn't my primary business anymore, but I am glad to continue working with existing customers.

Sometime in the future I will post a complete summary of all of the things I've done to make money (or try to make money) in my career. Almost every company I ever worked for has since gone out of business (from Sea World of Ohio, to a major retail chain, to other mid-sized, multimillion dollar companies). So I remain self employed so as to not jinx any other company and put its employees out of work, too.




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