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Links To Things That Interest Me

I have a wide variety of interests. Maybe some of them might interest you, or maybe not. Maybe I've gotten to know you already because of one of those interests. In any event, I will slowly be adding links to things that I like. If you don't like them, that's OK.

Here's a couple of things, for starters:

  • Chapel Singles' Bike Riding : Includes a ride schedule for single people in the Northeastern Ohio area. If you live in Florida, you're welcome to join us, too, but the airfare to haul yourself and your bike to Ohio is going to be steep!

  • Lostpedia: I discovered the show Lost by getting its first season on DVD at the library about a year ago. I AM HOOKED! Wow, what a cool show. You should start watching it from the beginning like I did, and see what you think.

  • Star Trek: What was one of the top movies this summer? That's right, Star Trek. It's been around for over 40 years for a reason. With all the doom and gloom going on, isn't it refreshing to see a bright and optimistic future depicted on a television show or in a movie? That's why I have been a fan since I was a kid. Star Wars was pretty much what got me started in sci-fi, though. But you can only watch those movies so many times. With Star Trek, there have been 40 years of episodes, movies, etc. Some of it hasn't been of the highest quality, but on the whole it's been a really good run.

  • Chicago, The Band: I have a lot of interests in music. Here's just one. Chicago's music gets a lot of razzing for being fluffy and inconsequential. Well, I was a trumpet player in school, and I still love Chicago's horn section. Let's just call it an appreciative ear for that sort of sound. Sometime in the future I'll add links to other artists and groups that I like.



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