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On the Mark, Episode 20: What!? A repeat? That's lame!!

August 20, 2009

Hi everybody,

My last three weeks of "taking it easy" actually was more work than actually writing something new, so I'm running a repeat this week so I can take a break.

Only a couple of people know this, but I have posted my old episodes (plus a few other tidbits) at my personal web site. It's your chance to kill some time and brain cells, but with a smile on your face (hopefully).

Please visit it and let me know what you think:


Yeah, scary, I know . . . .

Plus it is absolutely, positively free . . . But wait, there's more . . . the first thirty visitors will also receive a free Ginsu knife.*

Have a great weekend, everybody.


*DISCLAIMER: OK, it will be a photoshopped picture of a Ginsu knife -- the laywers told me I had to put that disclaimer in there. Well, really, in actuality it's not even a photo of a Ginsu knife, it's just a mental image that I have already sent you, just now. This offer is valid in Ohio only, certain restrictions apply. Void where prohibited. Do not attempt writing emails like this at home. Brain damage or death may result. All events in this email are purely fictious, and no animals were harmed in the making of this email. (Accept the polar bear who is trying to swim to shore, because I burned electricity to send this email, and it caused his ice sheet to melt.)


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